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Artist. Bookbinder. Jeweler. Illustrator.

Wearable Ink & Watercolor Paintings


All earrings designs are carefully crafted with high quality materials, care, and a dash of whimsy. Every pair of earrings are individual, hand painted, original Ink & Watercolor paintings, painted in detail on both the front and the back, then varnished to protect against day to day handling; making them water resistant and UV resistant.

Handmade Paper Notebooks Made from Recycled Junk Mail & Paper Scraps

I tear apart and sort junk mail and paper scraps to create fun colors. Each sheet of paper is made one at a time using an 8.5" x 11" wooden deckle. I swirl different colored pulps together to make fun patterns, then each sheet is pressed and dried.

Artist Seija Neumyer
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