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Phoenix Feather Earrings

Courtney E. *****

Absolutely beautiful!! Pictures dont do justice to the hand painted detailing on here!! I was completely blown away by these!! ❤️ I love that they are well built and hypoallergenic hooks.. They're also seriously weightless!! Thank you for these beautiful peices of art I get to wear and love daily!! Will definitely be ordering more!!

Garlic Bulb Earrings

Susan S. *****

Dang it! I have to wait almost an entire year before I can wear these earrings to an annual garlic fest. These earrings will be a HIT!! Okay, maybe the mountains of locally grown garlic on sale will be the real HIT, but I think my new earrings will be a runner up! The earrings are beautifully made with great, detailed attention to how garlic looks. I like that the earrings are slightly mismatched; one head (bulb) has more green stem and is larger. I was worried the earrings might be too easily bent or torn given their construction, but I can see I had nothing to worry about. The earrings are quite sturdy and the medium simply allows for Paper Ethereal's artistry and talent to be fully displayed. Thank you for these fun, delightful, and well made garlic earrings!

Blue Peacock Feather Earrings

Olga D. *****

“Amazing colours! The seller was more than willing to work with a custom design and excited to do so! The earrings themselves are smaller than expected which was a positive as i worried they’d be too large on me. Not heavy at all, strong build, colours are very vibrant. I’m in love and would definitely shop here again.” 

Blue Jay Feather Earrings

Adrianne *****

I love these long length blue jay feather earrings. They are so light and very different from what you would find in a store. I can't wait for my birding friends to see them!

Monarch Butterfly Earrings

Cajunwerefox *****

“These are absolutely stunning! I purchased them as a gift for my mother, who has always loved monarch butterflies. These earrings are wonderfully detailed, and the artist paid careful attention to realistic detail. They are delicate and smaller than the photo seems, but perfect. Shipping and delivery was prompt and timely, so my mother will have these as the Christmas present they were intended to be!”

Howling Gray Wolf Earrings

Barbara L. *****

These earrings are fabulous artistic creations, a grand statement, and light to wear. I am an artist and designer myself and am so impressed with the original design and execution of these animal earrings. The attention to detail of the packaging and the quick delivery make these a wonderful gift. Love, love!!

Paper Birch Tree Earrings

L. DeJonghe *****

I love these earrings, beautiful, large and super light. Was concerned, but they seem much stronger than you might think. Shipped quickly and safely, very glad I got them!

Personalized Cat on Bookshelf Earrings

Maria B. *****

Gorgeous handcrafted earrings personalized with my daughter’s cats and their names!!! The artist even managed to squeeze in a very long name beautifully!! I would definitely buy these again, thank you!!!

Zentangle Red Fox Earrings

Adrian S. *****

“Bought these for my girlfriend for Christmas because she loves foxes, and she was blown away by them. They have become her favorite pair of earrings!”

Teal Ocotpus Earrings

Nae *****

I can’t tell you just how much I love these earrings!! They’re amazing - super light weight. They’re so beautifully painted and cans crafted! The artist is extremely patient and kind answering just about a hundred questions and willing to make custom colored earrings. They were finished extremely quick too! Just love them! Thanks so very much again and I will be back for more!

Liz W.

“Beautifully done! I love how light weight they are….very comfortable. I’ve worn them a few times and always receive compliments. Thank you!”



Maxine P.

“Fabulously made. Every detail and colours are vibrant and well structured, love them.”


Lexi P.

“These lotus earrings are so pretty! Prompt delivery and amazing vendor! They are the second pair of lotus earrings I own and I can’t wait until I find more that suit my taste. Thank u!”


Laurie Z.

“Love these! So unique. Gorgeous, vivid color. It’s obvious these were made with great care. Thank you so much!”


Nadine G.

“Very nice cat earrings. They are very light. Thank you for the quick shipping.”


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